Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There she goes bragging about her kids again...

Daniel has been having a blast running track for Inverness Middle School.(Yes! Homeschoolers can participate in sports!) Today was the 2nd track meet and Daniel did awesome! Between last week and this week Daniel's times are good enough to get him to the state level as far as I can tell. His time for the 400m(1/4 mile) is 1:01. His time for the 800m(1/2 mile) is 2:27. His time today for the 1600(1 mile) was 5:23! He placed first overall for the mile and in the end IMS won the meet.
Daniel was just a tad disappointed, though. At track practice he ran the 800 in 2:15 which is faster than the school record of 2:18. Unfortunately, it doesn't count at practice...So that was his goal today at the meet. He tells me that he coudn't do it because he didn't crack his neck!(???)

***Anyway! He's giving us homeschoolers a good name!!***
Some shots from today's meet at Crystal River:

Here's Daniel coming up to the finish during the mile run.

This was right after the mile. The guys were wiped out.

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