Monday, August 29, 2011

When I'm scared and I don't know the I really trust Him? When given the opportunity to nose-dive into self or to run to Him...why do I so often choose poorly? I'm so very overcome with thanks that God pours His grace and mercy down upon this undeserving child.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Rusty is Not Well

Felling sad today. My Rusty just may have heart worms. I'm feeling pretty guilty about not having him on heart worm meds all these years. I guess I just figured he'd be ok. We did spend money on the flea meds because...well...WE didn't want to get bit up!

Rusty has been coughing for a little while now. When he gets excited from running around he coughs, but I really didn't think much of it. It wasn't until Dan mentioned that it could be heart worms that I looked it up and sure enough "coughing" was the big symptom.

This morning Rust and I were out and he got excited and started chasing a squirrel. A second later,he was wobbling all over the place and fell to he ground. He didn't completely faint, but it wasn't pretty.

Vet?? Nope. $$$$$...and from all research I've done, it's too far gone.

We've started our hugs , kisses and goodbyes. I thought he was gone this morning; it was so awful. I don't know if we'll have to put him down or if he's just going to go in his sleep. We'll have to wait and see. Of course, I'm still assuming it's heart worms based on my reading.

We just can't spend the kind of dollars it's going to take to find out what the problem is. I think I'm going to be done with dogs for a while after this. This will be the third dog I've had to let go....yuck.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

This list was begun as a challenge while reading the book, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. I began this list of 1,000 Gifts on the posted date and I will continue to add to it for as long as it takes me. My desire is to pay close attention to the endless gifts that God gives me every day....even the seemingly "insignificant or mundane". Dare I say, even the "bad" things or what I perceive as bad...."All is grace" and the realization of this fact brings my heart into a place of true thanksgiving, gratefulness and worship of the One, True God....Eucharisteo!

1. a husband bringing coffee
2. strength and health
3. words on the page
4. conditioned air
5. swimming pool to break the heat
6. abundance of food
7. new friends...old friends
8. green grass growing endlessly
9. endless grace and mercy
10. cuddles with critters
11. my Lu
12. heart pounding exercise
13. little peek-a-boo hands

August 1, 2012
14. raisins astray on the floor
15. satisfied bellies full
16. memories in freeze frame
17. pages turning in the quiet
18. early morning Bibles in hand
19. passion for the game

August 21, 2011
21. unanswerable questions for Daddy
22. little son Daddy stepping
23. cricket songs in the evening dark

August 24, 2011
24. coo of early morning doves
25. fluttering wings
26. bedtime Rusty walks with kitties in tow
27. chocolate n' cream (Oreos!)

August 27, 2011
28. Eucharisteo sistahs!
29. soft water, soft towels
30. clearing out the weeds
31. a call from an old friend
32. decaf before bed

August 28, 2011
33. rain+ run - lightning = mercy

August 29, 2011
34. that I can run at all
35. second cups of coffee
36. tests of I really trust Him?

September 2, 2011
37. snuggles with Lu and Pooh
38. movies that make me smile
39. recipes that turn out well
40. early bedtimes

September 5, 2011
41. Labor Day...a reminder that the Work has been done
42. sun shining as the breeze cools

September 8, 2011
43. first signs of fall
44. me 'n' Lu barefoot in the grass
45. baby Einstein
46. hawk on the wire

September 18, 2011
47. soooo many books!
48. fruition...only through the vine

September 23, 2011
49. deep thoughts by Ethan

October 7, 2012
50. sad from dear friend passing...grateful for the time spent

October 18, 2011
51. the patience of the Almighty
52. cries the reach Almighty Ears
53. hopes, dreams, vision
54. new mercies
55. wake up calls...refocusing

November 3, 2011
56. birthday cake
57. fall flowers from my Issa
58. facebook birthday greetings
59. Rusty still hanging on
60. two new kitty friends

November 22, 2011
61. 19 years with the man I love

November 23, 2011
62. cheerios n banana breakfast
63. Cutter Kitty purring on my lap
64. camera shopping
65. deep brown
66. running in the rain

November 29, 2011
67. Ebay
68. 1100 lights on the tree

December 27, 2011
69. a successful batch o' cookies
70. Tylenol

January 10, 2012
71. new beginnings
72. friends from far away come close
73. reminders
74. encouragement
75. Chinese food
76. evidence of fruit

February 1, 2012
77. eyes to see
78. ears to hear
79. the truth revealed

February 7, 2012
80. crows screaming in the new morning
81. soles of sneakers still hanging on
82. my sweet sons
83. a best friend calls
84. the breaking down of idols
85.. Boldness to share the Gospel

February 22, 2012
86. haircuts
87. rain rain rain
88. decluttering frenzies
89. no broken toes
90. baskets that "contain"
91. God is faithful...Youcef

3 Gifts Green:
92. Slimy pond to rejuvenate
93. Early Spring
94. green onions to make it just right
3 Gifts Loud: My darling Boys
95. Daniel
96. Jaret
97. Ethan

3 Gifts Round
98. coffee cup full
99. organizing baskets
100. wedding ring promises

September 17, 2012
101. He's in control...I am not

June 13, 2014
102. He's STILL in control
103. Sleeping in
104. Fuzzy Lovey Critters on my bed
105. Crock Pot Cookin'
106. Rain
107. DIY Projects
108. New Friends
109. paint
110. Hubby's manager job at National Cremation
111. When kids say I love you, Mom
112. Walking Lucy
113. Cutter kitty coming home


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