Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Legoland Florida

Legoland…Yippee! I remember wishing years ago (when my boys were small) that we had Legoland right here in Florida like they had California. Well, wishes do come true…eventually.

Even though Legoland is geared for ages up to 12 years old, my boys and their buddies had a good time when we went a couple of weeks ago. We were able to get in for $5 a piece since we were with a home school group. The regular price is 75 bucks!! How could we NOT go!?

The Lego creations were amazing, as expected. My favorite area was the Mini Cities; major cities across the world with buildings standing up to at least 15 feet tall. It was just incredible. Oh, how I love the creative minds that God has given us!

They had a few roller coasters and we gave them a go. Nothing too crazy…no Sheikras. Ethan experienced his first “bigger” coaster. He’s working his way up to the big boys at Busch Gardens. He was so funny…he was screaming his head off.

Waiting patiently to get in

Josh, Jaret, Daniel, David, Jonathan, Ethan
and uh...R2D2, of course
The Dark Side

I promised I wouldn't put these on Facebook...
This isn't Facebook. The boys loved the Merry-Go-Round...don' tell.

Waiting for our first coaster.

Going up...
Going down...

The next bunch of pics is from the Cities.
See if you can name them:)

Very cool

I love this guy.
Now that's a big brain.

On our way out the door...
Daniel and David met a nice girl.

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