Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeschooling under Attack

I'm not shocked one bit by the recent ruling in California. The question is not "if" homeschooling will one day be illegal in this country, the question is "when" I carry on, enjoying the freedom I have today, but I'm not so naive as to believe that my homeschooling bliss will not one day be shattered by someone sitting on a bench.
Mr. Judge is not saying that homeschooling is now illegal in the entire state of California. I would be breaking the law, however, because I don't have a four year college degree, the necessary "credentials". Look around...those kids being taught by those with "credentials" are just flourishing in those government institutions, aren't they?
I know some really great teachers. I know some extremely brilliant teachers who give their lives for the kids. I know they're underpaid and under appreciated. But I also know that no matter how educated the teachers are or how much they care, the government has final say over what they teach and how they teach it. Ultimately, I believe and always will that children belong to their parents and not the state. Parental I am fully responsible for my child's education and upbringing.
But this is not so much about parental rights or their "credentials" or skills as a teacher. It's about money...everything is. The more butts they have in the seats, the more money the school gets.

You can read the story here:

Here's the response from "Home School Legal Defense Association:

As I continue to read this morning ...and neglect my children's education... no, wait a minute... pull up a chair kids. Let me show you what's really going on in the world and know that you're the lucky ones. The kids in the public schools won't be informed of the freedoms that are being taken away from them every day. Then again, most parents and teachers with all those "credentials" don't even know.

I praise God for the freedom I have this day to be mom and teacher and to enjoy every minute that I have with my kids. It'll all pass too soon.

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