Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Let no one despise your for your youth"

This is an amazing sermon by John Piper. It's geared towards youth and parents alike about the low expectations of the youth culture today and how to rise above them. This is the 1st sermon in a series of many to come...At our house we're reading through "Do Hard Things". I would encourage everyone to read this book with your kids. Their message is a powerful one...Great Sermon Right Here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our field trip to meet Steve Saint

Have you read these books? Or seen the movies? This true story is 50 years old, but it never gets old. I can't think of a more amazing example of repentance, forgiveness and faith.
Today, the boys and I went on a field trip with a large group of home schoolers to meet Steve Saint. Steve was just a small boy in the 50's when his father was speared and killed along with 4 other men while trying to make peaceful contact with the indigenous people of the Amazon.
One widow and one sister of these men then returned to the very place where their loved ones were killed, committed to bringing them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Waodani tribe and the others that lived in the Amazon were killing each other at such a rapid rate that they nearly wiped themselves out. The people today realize that they would have done just that if the women did not step in when they did. Many came to Christ in those early days and within 2 years, the killings had come to an end. All the tribes agreed that they would not take vengeance upon each other any longer.
Steve has not only forgiven the men who killed his father, but he has adopted them as family; Grandfathers to his children. As a young man he was baptized by the very men who killed his the very water where they found his father's body. Later, he and his family would live with the Waodoni. Steve with his good friend, Mancaye, one of the Waodani involved in the killings.

Today, Steve lives in Ocala, FL and he is the founder of the non-profit organization called I-TEC (Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center) Their goal is to teach practical skills to the indigenous people so they can become self-sufficient and independent.
I-TEC is where we were today.

I-TEC rents a hangar at the Marion County/Dunnelon Airport. They're always working on their planes and other flying equipment for dropping in supplies and such.
This is called the Maverick. It drives on land but can also fly via parachute.
Their portable dental chairs are probably the most important tool for the missionaries.
Daniel, Steve Saint, Jaret, Me and Ethan. It really was great to meet him.
The whole crew (minus the moms)

We thought this was pretty cool. This plane was the actual plane that was used in the movie. It's exactly like the one that his father flew into the jungles of Ecuador.
It was a special surprise to see Steve taxi down the runway and take off for a quick spin.
This is another book by Steve Saint that I picked up today. It's full of memories and stories of what God has done over the years in the lives of Steve and his wife, Ginny. Steve and Ginny Saint

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

April 19th...8 years old!!
We had so many kids show up to the birthday party at Whispering Pines on Sunday that we were able to have a great game of Flag Football! I put Dan in charge of all that, of course. All the brave Dads who got out on the field made it a great time for the kids!

The Yellow Team...

The Red Team...
The kick-off...
It's caught by the Red! He goes for touchddown!
Logan taking charge
"You're entertaining the thought of getting past me?!"

Dan and Stuart had as much fun as the kids!

Jacob and his dad( in red) and Jaret.
The most competitive guys on the field...(other than Dad)
Daniel and old pal, Josh

Even girls in pretty pink dresses weren't afraid to get out there!
Maddy and Jane...

The cheering section...

Only Publix will do...
The wind was blowing so the candles were tricky...
Presents!!Maddy and Cooper

Jane, Jacob, Ethan, Jaret and Cooper
Big Sis, Bari

Jenny and Joshua(Jacob's new brother!)

This was one of Ethan's gifts!
He had to put it up as soon as we got home.
Everyone's had a turn sleeping in it already!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the party! Ethan said it one of the best ever!

Friday, April 18, 2008

We've come to end of the track...

Well, it was a beautiful ending to a great Track season. Daniel really enjoyed running for Inverness Middle, he gave 110% and he thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of victory. IMS was undefeated throughout the season; they won all five meets. The final meet, the Conference Championships, included 7 schools and IMS won by a "mile".
Daniel's 1st place times at the Conference:
4X400 Relay 4:05

Even at the track...he can't get his mind off of football...
Daniel and Austen
This is Daniel's Relay team. They ran the 4x400 in 4:05!
John, Eric, Daniel and Brandon

This is actually Daniel's final lap of the season...he was the final leg in the relay.

Daniel was finally able to grab hold of the trophy for a second as the team ran a wild and crazy victory lap with it held high; hoopin' and hollerin'.

Daniel made some good friends on the team. Mom really likes the friends that Daniel got together with to pray before they ran the mile! Those are keepers!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hiking Trip!

Our 4H group, Nature Coast Investigators, went on a hike in the Northeast part of the county on the ECO-Walk Trail.
Before we took off for hike, the boys made their own backpacks out of old blue jeans! We then packed it full of the appropriate hiking essentials!The kids had a great time. We kept our eye out for what critters we might find. We know that turkey, deer, snakes, hawks or even gators could be around. We were'nt lucky enough to see any of those but we did see hundreds of butterflies, a few caterpillars and very hungry mosquitos!
When we got to the very mushy marshy areas, the mosquitos were out in full force!

We had a nice surprise when we bumped into a couple of park biologists who were checking on things. They showed us several kinds of fish that feed on mosquito larvae.

Ethan pointed out this tree with excitement. It reminded us of the story we just finished called "My Side of the Mountain". An adventurous boy lives by himself in a hollowed out tree in the Catskills. Great book!

This is our great bunch of guys!


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