Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eating wild berries!?

The boys and I just finished a great story called "My Side of the Mountain" about a boy who decided to live in the Catskill mountains all by himself and live off the land. I highly recommend it; but be careful. You may find yourself living on the wild side.
Driving home one day, the boys and I witnessed some folks eating from a tree on the side of the road. With curiosity getting the better of us, we stopped by that very spot later to see what they were feasting on. As it turns out, the boys had enjoyed these little purple clusters over at a friend's house a few months back. They said they were absolutely sure that these were the same little fruit. So, we tried some! They were quite tasty so we had quite a few! We're still here to share the tale, so we know that they're safe to eat! I'm still trying to identify the little guys, though. Obviously, some kind of blueberry or something. Does anyone know what it is?

This is another great fruit that we found! It's called a loquat and there's a great tree up by the Citrus Co. School Board office. I pull in the parking lot and climb up on the truck to reach them while the kids are overcome with emabarrassment!
Hey! It's a government building...and I pay my taxes!

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