Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well, we've been back from DC for a few days now and it has taken me that long to get this post done!

Here's a quick run down of some places we got to visit:

The Capitol with about 15 minutes in the House Gallery, The National Archives, Washington Monument, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Art, Sat in the Supreme Court for 15 minutes, Library of Congress, Holocaust Museum, Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery and the "Changing of the Guard".

This was the first flight for the boys and it was a beautiful day!

A few shots of our timeshare place in Old Town Alexandria, VA. We had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, full kitchen, living room, dining room. It was wonderful!!

This was when the snow first began to fall and the boys were overjoyed!

The Jeffes family joined us for the trip and we were so glad!
For most of our stay it was COLD!

The Washington Monument was on the top of Jaret's list...
he was hoping he could climb the stairs instead of using the elevator!

A few views from the top of the Washington Monument:

We were disappointed when we saw that the Reflecting Pool was getting its yearly cleaning but it's still beautiful.
The Jefferson Memorial
This was in the Museum of Art where we saw the only DaVinci that's in our country at the moment!

Here's some of our crew listening to our tour guide at the Capitol. He was lots of fun.

Jaret in the Capitol sandwiched by George and Thomas.

Not allowed to use a flash in the Archives, but you can still make out the smiles as the Ethan and Jaret stand by the Constitution.

The Metro was great. It's pretty easy to figure out after a day or two. But if we weren't sure we'd just ask Maddy!

In the Library of Congress; Jen's was an awesome tour guide!

Ryan and Jennifer at the Supreme Court.

A few girls stand in prayer for the unborn in front of the Supreme Court.
In the Supreme Court entrance hanging with the first S.C. Justice, John Marshall.
The whole crew at the Lincoln Memorial. Jeffeses on the left, Gandees on the right!

Bari, Dan and Daniel...the family members that are not vertically challenged.

I love these next two shots taken while at Arlington Cemetery.

After some serious walking in some serious snow and slush, Ethan was sure that his hands were frozen and needed to be amputated.

Bari was able to jump on a plane and come stay for a couple days!

Daniel and Dad at the Vietnam Memorial.

You can see in this shot why our feet were frozen and soaked through to the bone...

...but the kids still had tons of fun in the snow.

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  1. Landon will be so jealous! He just can't wait to visit DC and we hope to do so this fall. What is the name of the place you stayed?


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