Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's been a sad week...
Last Wednesday Dan's dad passed away. He was very sick for a very long time and it was expected, but still hard when it finally came. He'll be buried this Thursday at the Bushnell Veteran's Cemetery.
We received word this morning that our niece, Katie died in an accident last night in South Carolina. She was 19. This was Dan's sister's daughter. Click here for the news article
Dan, with Daniel and Katie
Thanks for your prayers for Sonny and Donna throughout Sonny's illnesses. Please pray for Debbie(Dan's sister) and her family in SC. Pray that we can be used by God to comfort them when we travel up there for the funeral soon.
Love to you all.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rainbow Springs

It's been such a long time since we've vistited Rainbow Springs State Park. What a pretty place! Our 4H(NC Investigators-Wilderness Group) group went out there last Friday for a hike, a birthday party and a swim.
The swimming area is right off the dock and within the ropes.The water is from 5 to 8 feet deep and freezing!

Ethan, Jacob and Alex
There were alot of fish in that cold water.

So nice.

Karissa's back and living at home with us for a while.She came along for the day and struck a pose.
Karissa took this great shot. What are they? Can't remember, but they're pretty!

A rare shot of Mom, with Ethan.

Ethan loves finding hallowed out trees. They remind him of Sam's home in the Catskills from My Side of the Mountain.

Hernando High-1980

Just checking out the website showing all the old pics from Dan's high school. He's got his 25th reunion coming up in a few weeks! Man, we're old...

What a cutie, huh?

Danny Gandee-9th grade

Hernando High School-Brooksville, FL
Senior year (1983) voted "Most Spirited"and "Homecoming King"
Yup...he was one of those popular guys...you could probably have figured that out.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A visitor

Hey, Tab! I know you'll love this one!
We were across the street on our friend's dock and guess who showed up?!
He was just a little guy. Maybe 5 feet. Still a baby!

Can you find him in this picture with Jaret?...just above the weeds in the water.

Congrats to our Speech Winners!

This is Daniel at 4H District Events. Back in February he won first place for his presentation about "Fast Cars" so he went on to Districts last week. There, he won first place again. His age group doesn't go on to the state level. He'll shoot for it next year!

Josh, David and Jonathan Dovi and Daniel.All first place winners in their respective categories!
All the winners of the day. Their all glad it's over, I'm sure. It's hard but it's worth it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Water Fun

Our Wilderness Boys Club, The NC(Nature Coast) Investigators, had a great time last Friday at Jackson's house! First the guys tried to scoop up some minows...
Jackson and Jacob
...then Jaret gets in on the action.
...Finally, a catch!
With bread on a hook, Ethan enjoys some fishing time.
...and Moms: Dede and Betsy!
Ethan loved the kayakWe really enjoyed their hammock!
Thanks Jackson for the fun day!


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