Friday, January 1, 2010

Here's my best shot at the whole "About Me" scenario.

   The only true image I have of myself is the one given to me by my Heavenly Father. I am an adopted daughter into the Family of God, through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. He has blessed me endlessly on this earth with an adoring husband, 5 beautiful and amazing children and three granddaughters! Every breath I have been given is His alone and I wish I valued every breath as I ought.

    My days are filled with the endless, monotonous tasks of the "American Housewife". At least, this is how it may appear to many. But as I reflect on my "duties" here, I can see that God has called me to exactly this, at this time in my life. He has allowed me the honor and privilege to love and cherish a wonderful husband and to nurture and grow children to follow after Christ. I can't believe that He lets me do what I do.

   This season of my life has me home educating my 3 boys. It is an incredibly challenging endeavour and I am on my face begging for help every day. Those of you who know me, know that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. It has been an amazing journey of education for myself as well as my kids. I believe that one day as I look back on these years, I will truly be able to say that it has been the most rewarding and memorable time of my life. God has provided all we have ever needed to carry on; the grace, the finances and the much needed patience to continue the day in and day out of it all.

In the "my time" of my days I may spend it on the road with my running shoes or just curled up with a good book. I have an artsy side that I feel is sometimes "on hold" while I raised my men but occasionally it manifests itself in a photo, a blog, a sketch or some home decorating project. I find myself immersed in a project until its completion, sometimes to the detriment of my family because of my "close attention to detail"! But I'm a work in progress.

The love of my life is Dan Gandee. We were married in 1992 and have experienced the incredible ups and downs of married life and are still here to tell the tales and hopefully to be an ecouragement to others. God is the glue that holds us together; without Him it is hopeless. I am blessed with a husband that loves Jesus above all else and who takes the job of leading his family seriously. This father's deepest longing is to know that his children walk with the Lord. I am a lucky woman.

Considering the fact that I am really a quiet person, not one to speak in front of crowds or socialize at parties or large gatherings, I find it ironic that I do this blog thing. What goes on in my heart and mind doesn't come through very well "in person". Maybe I'm just shy and insecure, I don't know. But I love the Lord, I want to please Him with my life, and if this is one way that I can do that, so be it.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

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  1. Hi Mary

    Your blog is truly a blessing. Linda and I have very wonderful remembrances of you and Dan and your whole family. I am starting my own blog at It will take me awhile to get it going but I was always a slow starter except in food lines.

    Your family photos are great. Only Dan seems to be getting older ;)&

    Bill and Linda Spargur


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