Monday, March 3, 2008

Plaster Party

Does everyone know about the new place in Inverness called Plaster Paradise? Apparently it's been open for a few months but I live under a rock...
Anyway, we recently attended a birthday party there. The kids were able to pick any plaster creation and paint it. Of course, pizza and cake rounds out any party. The selection of molds was great and the kids had a super time. We don't break out the paints at home often enough, that's for sure, so it was great fun. Thanks to the Dovis for the party!
All the guys picked cars to paint...naturally.

The party is geared towards the younger crowd but Daniel had fun creating this "Gator Bug".

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  1. Where in Inverness is this, Mary? The boys had a bday party at a place like this probably 7 years ago! Chase has wanted one every since, but the place closed down.


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