Monday, November 19, 2007

A new drainfield...again

Didn't we just do this? This morning, the septic guys are out back digging away. We did this a few years back and we had such fun, we're doing it again. We've decided the big hedges in the back yard have to go. The roots seem to be causing the problem...we think. It will be nice to have things flowing in the proper direction again...down and OUT and not up and IN. Hope the neighbors have their windows shut tight...noisy and stinky!!

But inside...All is well...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Some Halloween Fun...

Had a great time on the 31st! Did some trick-or-treating with some friends and got tons of candy. The real fun came later on at the Fall Festival at church! The rock wall, the jumpy things, MORE candy...I was pooped.
Ready for combat...
Enjoying some early trick-or-treating with the Wonder Women.

This was one creepy dude.

After roaming the streets for a bit,
we spent the rest of the night at our church festival!

Ellie's gonna soak Ethan!

Pound the Pumpkin! Why not?!

Ethan got pretty good at this one after a while!

Festival of the Arts

This past Saturday was the annual Festival of the Arts in Inverness. All the boys displayed their artwork along with all the other students from the county. At this point, we participate for the fun of it, but next year Daniel will be able to be enetered for judging because he'll be in high school(9th grade). The festival invites all students: public, private and homeschoolers to join in the fun. This was our 2nd year. Here are some shots!

A couple of homeschool buddies in the tent.

Some of Jaret and Ethan's work
Daniel's Bugatti

Grandpa came by!

...and Bari and Tommy!

Ethan is waiting for someone to challenge him in a game of Chess.
Daniel's "WWII Dogfight"

This is Daniel's latest piece. He really enjoyed working on it.

The artist...

It was a long day and the guys deserved an ice cream break!

This is the Old Citrus County Courthouse and Museum. Isn't it quaint?

We took a stroll through the Old Historic Courthouse and Museum
while were there. Here the guys are playing "judge".


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