Friday, July 20, 2007

This morning I find myself glued to my computer reading and watching videos from this website:
I discovered Lee Strobel's latest book, The Case for the Real Jesus, in the latest emails from my Zondervan book club. This book will be released in September, but the club allows a sneak peek in to the book. Lee Strobel is an atheist-turned-Christian who has written numerous books about the overwhelming evidence for Christ. They include:
The Case for Christ
The Case for Faith
The Case for a Creator
God's Outrageous Claims
The Case for Christmas
The Case for Easter
What Jesus Would Say
Exploring the Da Vinci Code

At this site, there are literally hundreds of videos where the really tough questions are asked: Are there inconsistencies in the Bible? Can the world have morals without a God? What about free will? Have there been new Gospels found? Does science prove the existence of God?

This is definitley a helpful place to go for both the sceptic and the firm believer. Maybe I'll get to my laundry later.

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  1. Thanks for the website, Mary. I've read many of Strobel's books and will love taking a look at the site when I have a minute!


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