Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Amanda and Tucker

A great time was had by all today at our house! We had a short but sweet visit from some cousins from Alabama, Amanda and Tucker. They are a couple of the greatest kids in the world and we miss them when they're not around!

We had planned some fun in the sun for the day, but of course, those afternoon thunderstorms keep coming. After Grandma Donna made her famous mac n' cheese with all that Grandma love, Daniel made his special pancakes for those of us who really wanted to stuff our faces. We had some exciting card games along with our pancakes! We learned a new card game called Golf recently and it was a big hit!
Our citters are spoiled with love!
Here's Tucker, Rusty and Amanda.

Jaret, Daniel, Ethan, Amanda and Tucker

Cutter, Tucker and Ethan

Amanda enjoying those great pancakes over a card game with Gram.

The rain couldn't stop Daniel and Amanda from getting out on the court!

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