Friday, April 18, 2008

We've come to end of the track...

Well, it was a beautiful ending to a great Track season. Daniel really enjoyed running for Inverness Middle, he gave 110% and he thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of victory. IMS was undefeated throughout the season; they won all five meets. The final meet, the Conference Championships, included 7 schools and IMS won by a "mile".
Daniel's 1st place times at the Conference:
4X400 Relay 4:05

Even at the track...he can't get his mind off of football...
Daniel and Austen
This is Daniel's Relay team. They ran the 4x400 in 4:05!
John, Eric, Daniel and Brandon

This is actually Daniel's final lap of the season...he was the final leg in the relay.

Daniel was finally able to grab hold of the trophy for a second as the team ran a wild and crazy victory lap with it held high; hoopin' and hollerin'.

Daniel made some good friends on the team. Mom really likes the friends that Daniel got together with to pray before they ran the mile! Those are keepers!

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