Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

April 19th...8 years old!!
We had so many kids show up to the birthday party at Whispering Pines on Sunday that we were able to have a great game of Flag Football! I put Dan in charge of all that, of course. All the brave Dads who got out on the field made it a great time for the kids!

The Yellow Team...

The Red Team...
The kick-off...
It's caught by the Red! He goes for touchddown!
Logan taking charge
"You're entertaining the thought of getting past me?!"

Dan and Stuart had as much fun as the kids!

Jacob and his dad( in red) and Jaret.
The most competitive guys on the field...(other than Dad)
Daniel and old pal, Josh

Even girls in pretty pink dresses weren't afraid to get out there!
Maddy and Jane...

The cheering section...

Only Publix will do...
The wind was blowing so the candles were tricky...
Presents!!Maddy and Cooper

Jane, Jacob, Ethan, Jaret and Cooper
Big Sis, Bari

Jenny and Joshua(Jacob's new brother!)

This was one of Ethan's gifts!
He had to put it up as soon as we got home.
Everyone's had a turn sleeping in it already!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the party! Ethan said it one of the best ever!

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