Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's been happening...

Where do I start?! Christmas morning! Here's a few items that got big smiles!

All the guys love Rocky...I know, it's so corny but they can't get enough. Now we only need the last two!

This keyboard is for everyone,
but Jaret was definitely the one jumping for joy!

This was fun to watch. Daddy told Daniel that we could only get this one drum. A few moments later, he was sent to the garage to "get something for mom" and walked into the entire drum set!

Ethan's the biggest Narnia fan in the house.
He's thrilled with them all in one big book!

My mother and Grandma came up from Port St. Lucie for 5 days. Dan cooked wonderful meals(I'm a lucky woman), we broke out the board games and cards, watched a few good movies...everyone survived.

This is my Mom and Grandma...they both look amazing for their ages!

I'll brag...67 and 94!!

Poker put's a smile on Grandma's face.
Karissa turned 21 on December 25th! We weren't expecting her for Christmas but she surprised us Christmas morning and stayed for 5 days!

Our beautiful girls!!

Daddy and Karissa

Great Grandma and Karissa
Bari and Karissa

After the morning chaos we spent the rest of the day at Dan's brother's...

the pool table was the most popular spot.

Daniel and Grandma

Dan's Dad, Sonny, is doing just fine and happy as can be to spend Christmas with the family.
..and Dan's Mama

When my Dad and Gail returned from their trip to San Fran, we ran over for a quick visit and late gift exchange.
Me, Karissa and Grandpa

Jaret, Karissa and Gail
Karissa and Gramps share a laugh...

During the Holiday Daniel's team competed in the "Holiday Cup" Soccer Tournament and won all 3 games and walked away with the 1st place trophy.

Daniel was incredibly happy with his two goals that he made during the game. The goals were about 40 seconds apart! We all went nuts!
It was pretty awesome having everyone at the game. It's been a long time since we've had a day at the park together with ALL the kids.

Here's the whole clan!
Karissa's new car!

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