Thursday, January 24, 2008

Q. Where did we stay while in DC?

A. We have a Timeshare! We own in Daytona but we can use our points anywhere they have a resort. This one was called Wyndham Old Town Alexandria in Alexandria, VA. It was just 10 minutes from DC and a 2 minute walk to the Metro. We have owned for about 6 years and all the places are great and we would never go back to regular hotel rooms. Those of you with more than 3-5 kids can understand! You can check it all out at

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  1. We also have timeshare in Sarasota, but we let our exchange membership (which was RCI) lapse a couple of years ago as we had SO much trouble getting a place where and when we wanted it. Most of those timeshare places you can get on ebay and rent anyway. That's why I was asking the actual name of the place, so I could keep an eye open for someone renting their week! :-)


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