Friday, January 25, 2008

Here's Mom and Sonny...Dan's Mom and Dad.
We love them so much and are asking for prayer from all our friends and family on their behalf.
Please pray for them both...Sonny is in the hospital because he recently had a heart attack but he's been in and out of the hopital quite a bit over the last few months. Over the years there have been many different medical issues to deal with and they are both very tired and need healing and relief. Mom is going to have back surgery soon and has been caring for Sonny for a long time. The doctors are saying that his major organs seem to be shutting down and there's not alot they can do. Sonny is secure in Christ and we are praising God for that. He is communicating well and his main concern is comfort right now. We appreciate all of the prayers and thank you all for your friendship.

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