Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cross Country Started Today!

....Unfortunately, we arrived late. Well, we were there at 2:30 just as we were turns out they had a half day at Inverness Middle School so practice was at 11:30! So because Daniel does not go to that school, we were out of the loop. I did speak with the coach when I went into the office and it was then that he remembered speaking to me on the phone a few weeks ago. He didn't have my phone number...but he's got it now and I will be notified of any changes!

Since Daniel and I were all ready for a run, we zipped across the street to the park and had a nice run on the trail. (This is what I was going to do while Daniel was at the track) We started off nice and easy, did about a mile, even walked some. Occasionally, Daniel would take off just to remind me that he's faster than me. I told him that beating his 40 mother is great and all, but he's soon going to have a taste of some real competition!

I think Daniel has a real gift and he'll do very well with cross country and track. He's got the speed for the short distances but he's also got the endurance for the longer runs. He's awesome! It made my day to have a nice run with him.

But we still have to do MATH!!!

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