Saturday, October 13, 2007

4H Fridays!

The boys are enjoying getting together with a small group of guys around the same age to explore Insects! The name our 4H club is Nature Coast Investigators. Jaret and Ethan are working through the project book called Entomology 1 and so far we've learned the body parts, different ways they eat, the ways they camouflage themsleves and so many other interesting buggy things!

Yesterday the boys had to create an insect out of all kinds of crazy materials and hide it out in the butterfly garden(at the 4H extension office) for the mom's to try to find! They had tons of fun.
Ethan is checking out a book for some creative ideas for his insect...
...and then gets busy...

Jaret had an idea. Something like a butterfly's sippy straw.

It's pretty hard to make out but it looks like a fuzzy catepillar!

Jaret's watching as the mom's run around trying to find their critters.
They hid them a little too well...they had to show us where they were eventually!
A perfect example of camouflage! (This, of course, was a real moth!)

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