Wednesday, August 22, 2007

International Space Station

Did you know that if you look up at exactly the right moment you might see the International Space Station flying overhead for a minute or so? Check this out:
Just click on the country, state and city in which you live and you will see a detailed list of dates and times of when you can catch a glimpse!
Dan and I were out walking the dog Tuesday night, and he looked up and pointed out what looked like a bright star traveling across the sky at a pretty great speed, but it took about a minute to completely cross. It didn't appear to be much larger than any other light in the sky, but it was very bright and at one point it reflected the sun so greatly it seemed to flare.
At first Dan thought it might be the shuttle. Well, I got online to check it out and sure enough it was something! The Space Station! I printed out the schedule and we went out the next night to see if we could find it. We all searched the sky at exactly 9:53 and we finally caught it halfway across, but this time it wasn't as bright so it was a little harder to follow but still very cool!
It was alot of fun. Take the kids outside! If you live in Inverness, here's the

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