Friday, May 6, 2011

Imagine, for a moment, a blog that actually had posts by the blogger! Ha! What a novel idea!
Why don't we just catch up with some of latest goings-on in photos?! Yes, let's!

Ethan had a birthday!
He has reached 11 years and had a wonderful celebration at the park!

Blue and Orange...what else?

Party guests!
Karissa and Grandma Donna

A couple of the the buds...Timmy and Glen.

Ethan and his buddy, Ryan.

Danny(as he likes to be called nowadays) and Bari's husband,
Tommy, led an awesome football game.

Bari and Aleena!

Aleena and her Aunt Karissa!

Time for some playground fun!


A watch to time his sprints around the block!

Yes!! A big stack of Wishbone books to add to the collection!

Beef Jerky from Mom.

Tampa Bay Bucs!

No birthday is complete without a new football or two!
Karissa gave Ethan tons of seeds and he got home and immediately got to work.

Back at the house, a rousing game of Apples to Apples was in order!
The usual pose.

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