Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, just pray for me, would you? This past week has been a strange one. I haven't been feeling that wonderful...extremely tired, headache, back ache. Had a stomach virus mixed in there just for fun. I'm feeling much better at the moment but something tells me that I'm not 100% yet. I do believe I'm getting old. Quickly.
The fam is watching The Book of Eli again. I'm working on getting some stuff sold on Ebay...getting some bids as we speak! I still have quite a bit of school shopping to do for next year. I'm gong to be trying out "Tapestry of Grace". Check it out. I think it's awesome. I just hope I can pull it off. It's mainly using books, real books, not textbooks. So, I'll live at the library pretty much.
I need a new camera desperately. My grandbabies are getting bigger by the minute and I'm not getting pics! My battery door won't stay shut and it's a pain.
I'm just rambling...

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