Friday, May 21, 2010


Last Sunday I completed my first two online college classes with Liberty! Old Testament Survey II(because 1 was filled) and Systematic Theology I. They ran for 8 weeks and took quite a chunk of my days to complete. I'm glad I did it and I'm thrilled to say that I passed both classes with an A! Dan also passed with A's; no surprise there! We had a good time competing with each other and I have to say he sure did keep me on track with the deadlines! I absolutely hate the pressure of deadlines! It's been a long time!
Dan's continuing with 3 more classes during the summer. He's a more serious student and is going for a degree. I think I'll pick up again in the fall. I need my summer for planning my next home schoolong year...and I need a break!
I know I can speak for Dan when I say we both learned a great deal over the 8 weeks. The kings, the splintered kingdom, the canonizing of scripture, prophecy. Fascinating.

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