Friday, October 3, 2008

Our "Wilderness Survival Boys Club" received an unexpected treat when Jackson's mom and dad took us out for a boat ride! What a neat surprise-the boys had a blast! Thank you Brian Family!

Everyone's ready to go! Jacob, Alex, Jaret and Ethan

Alex's sister, Anna joined us for the day.

Now the boat is picking up some serious speed.
The boys were screaming their little heads off.

Stop for a little dip in the lake. Lake Spivey? or Henderson? :) Jaret and Jacob just enjoying the ride.The whole crazy gang...Jaret, Jacob, Alex, Ethan and Jackson.
The Skipper!
And his first mate! And here's the reason for the trip! We were supposed to be keeping a lookout for some natural habitats. This is a fish bed!
...And this is just purty.

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  1. Mary, I just finished reading this incredible book called Boys Adrift (it's nonfiction). This activity is EXACTLY what you should be doing for school with your boys! Good job! I wish I was more of a nature lover. I think I've shortchanged my boys in the "getting your hands dirty" area of education.


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