Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living History Days

We traveled back in time to 1836! And we had a blast!
Here's the gang in front of what's left of the Fort!

Our Wilderness Boys!

Shearing, Spinning,Weaving...this lady did it all!

An expert with the flint and steel.And then...Boom!
This guy was incredible. He can wrestle a gator, build a fire in 30 seconds, and can obviously survive in the wilderness without a care! He told us about his family history...quite amazing.
See? It's smokin'! This gentleman is another that can survive off the land for the rest of his days if he chose to do so. I think he had the skin of every critter from the state of Florida hanging there!Oooh!

The guys got to enjoy some chores that the little tikes would've had to endure back in the day!

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