Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wilderness Survival...

This is one of our small but very powerful 4H groups called Nature Coast Investigators. For the past few weeks we have been learning about skills needed to survive in the wilderness. We are using a very fun curriculum and the boy scout handbook to explore the many different adventures that await you when you venture beyond the borders of your back yard and into unknown territory.

The adventure on this particular day took place at Whispering Pines Park. The guys were equipped with a compass and needed to follow their way around the park using written clues. For example: Go North 25 paces to your next clue...and so on. It was very fun to watch the bunch head out in oppostite directions sometimes. But with a little guidance, they managed to find their Valentine Treasures in the end...

Go South 20 paces to your next clue...

Ok, south is....this way.


...and now...northeast!

...and march!

...a little more...

...and finally!! Ethan discovers the bag of sugar overdose!!

Jaret was extremely excited.

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