Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweet Deal

I've been finding that couponing is not what it once was. Oh, I still think it's wise and worth the time to watch the BOGOs and use the coupon match-up websites (sooo helpful!), but the Freebie days at CVS and Walgreens are pretty much over.

But I had a very sweet deal cooking at the local Family Dollar the other day! It all worked out as planned and I was plenty satisfied with the results!

This bunch of stuff came to a grand total of $28. Which means if I divide 28 bucks by 30 item, I can say I spent an average of 93 cents on each item. As good as that is, I like to still focus on the reality that I got the shampoo almost free and those Hefty plates for 2 cents a plate!

The coupon scanning system at Family Dollar is not the greatest....had a few folks behind me...appearing to be very patient...

These sites are fantastic for helping with the coupons!  (my favorite)

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