Friday, February 17, 2012

Get along??

As I'm reading through the book of Ephesians at the moment, the opening paragraph in this post by RC Sproul, Jr. struck me as quite hilarious, yet sad and true. Paul speaks of all believers as being one in Christ, but we sinners keep getting in our own way!

The story is told of the man who was rescued from a desert island twenty years after being shipwrecked. As he proudly showed his rescuers around the island they came to three grass huts. Our Robinson Crusoe pointed out that one of the huts was his home, and the other his church. When asked what the third hut was he replied, with a note of disdain, "That's where I used to go church." Read on...

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  1. Hi Mary, Thanks for a delightful visit from Good Morning Girls. I enjoyed reading part of the story and can probably guess the rest. I wanted to let you know that the link is broken. I get those periodically at SandwichINK too and know the feeling well. Thought you might want to know. :) Have a blessed and beautiful first day of Lent 2012.


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