Monday, September 6, 2010

Babies, Books, Biology, Baths, Bible and Ball

It's hard to believe that 4 weeks of school have passed by already! I'm starting to get the hang of our new curriculum, Tapestry of Grace. I've realized that the Teacher's Notes are a MUST. This means a lot of reading ahead for me. Since it's been quite a while since I've read about Napoleon and such, I need to study up. But mostly, the boys and I learn a great deal the same time, it seems.

I've mastered the art of ordering my books from the library at the right time in order to have them in our hands at the right time. Since our library doesn't have many of the books we need, they come from all over. So I need to order them 2 weeks in advance. I've grown very fond of World Cat. We're almost inseparable. The occasional PBS Biography on Netflix has been a great treat as well!

Our topics of study for the first 4 weeks have been about John Adams, Napoleon, French Revolution, Constitution, Industrial Revolution, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, William Carey and Thomas Jefferson. We're hovering around 1800.
All is well in Math with Daniel in Algebra 2, Jaret in Pre-Algebra and Ethan working his way through multiplying fractions.
The Science notebooks are being kept up pretty well.  The new microscope this year is sometimes a distraction because Ethan just wants to put everything he finds on the glass. It is pretty cool. Later comes the dissections...eew. Daniel's the official Biology student at the moment and he watches Catie Frates online. So far, I love her style of teaching. She makes it very interesting and she keeps us on schedule.

Life outside of the books is a bustle as usual. Jaret's quarterbacking for the first time for the Storm. He loves it completely. The first two games didn't go as planned but he loves it nontheless. Daniel's running cross country again this year. He's a junior this year and a fellow captain. He's working hard and is feeling ok after his knee surgery back in May. He still needs to get stronger to bust through his best times, but he's getting there. He can't wait to get back on the track in the Spring. My Ethan is still content to sit and read in his spare time. Although he loves football and he's a beast like his brother, he's still a bit too shy to get out there. I'm not pushing him. One less thing for me to do right now! I have no doubts that he'll strap on the pads one day.

Dan has been working at BathFitter now for a while. All is well and God provides. He is good. Dan has been teaching a class on Wednesday nights at Cornerstone based on the book "Radical" by David Platt. We're on the 5th chapter already and the class has some wonderful discussions and great insights. He's really enjoying this first teaching gig. He's also taking classes with Liberty online. He's swamped, but happy.

Me, I'm mom and that's what they call me. I run around like a head without a chicken most days and lay my head down on my pillow thanking God that he gives me the daily strength to keep going. Still enjoying my runs and I'm working towards a half marathon in November.
The grandbabies are 11 months old and 6 months old now. Had them for a bit last week and I can't get enough.

 We did eventually let them out of the cage after they were done watching Veggie Tales! :)

Just plain worn out.

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