Thursday, November 20, 2008


One Night Camping Trip!
Manatee Springs in Chiefland!
Just the Moms and kids!!
We survived!

Jaret, Ethan and I squeezed into this tent.
We all fit ok but I will NOT do it again without an air mattress!!!
Carolyn had the suite! With the air mattress AND the fan! She's so prepared.
Jackson and Betsy securing their spot for the night.

The Springs were freezing, of course. But the kids were brave.
This is the only Manatee we saw at Manatee Springs:)

It was a pretty place.

Daylight left us quickly! Get the fire moving!
There's marshmallows to set ablaze and Smores to squish!

So relaxing...

Note to self...Jiffy Pop does not work on a fire...

We saw some critters!
This little guy was less than an inch cute.
When we walked out to the water on a dock, these vultures were everywhere.

We saw 5 or 6 deer as the sun was setting. They didn't seem to be very afraid of us. That is, until the kids went chasing them!

Cassie, Jaret, Alex, Ethan, Keely, Jacob, Jackson and Anna Dede, Betsy and Carolyn...could never had done it without them!
Being the homeschooling moms that we are, we couldn't let some learning ops go by undone. We were given some activities by the Park Ranger do complete so the kids could receive their "Junior Ranger" badges. They were NOT thrilled with the written work to do as we were packing to go home.
A successful overnight camping trip! We were blessed with great weather, bathrooms within eye shot, electricity for the griddle and the coffee pot, cooperative and adventerous children, and most of all freedom to sing praises around the campfire!

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