Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There must be something to post about!

Just taking a minute to blab about whatever comes to mind...Let's see... We are absolutely in love with our church, Cornerstone Baptist Church in Inverness...come visit!! Pastor Greg will "bless your socks off" so bring along an extra pair.
We are nearing the end of our 3rd week of school. So far we are mostly on schedule. Right about now I can really begin to see if we have too much on the schedule or not enough and where it needs tweaking! So, I'll be working on that.
Daniel has been using Florida Virtual School for English 1 and Mom likes it a whole lot more than student. (That's simply because he doesn't care for writing essays much) I love that there's someone else out there to help me in this area. I feel confident enough to actually teach him how to write, it's just sticking to a schedule that troubles me. Sometimes it's nice to have a due date! I think it will help Daniel to put forth a little more effort if he has other input and comments about his writing. The teacher actually calls and helps with any questions we may have.
Daniel has been running daily with the Citrus High School Cross Country team and doing very well. He decided against football at the last minute and Mom is openly thrilled about it. I love to watch him run! First meet in Brooksville on the 20th!
I've been attending MIC(Moms in Christ) at Cornerstone on Tuesday mornings. We're working through a book called The Power of a Positive Mom. We watch a weekly video and have some prayer time and discussion. Food is also involved, of course. Again...extra socks.
I have no pictures to post! tsk tsk...I'll have to fix that.

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