Saturday, August 2, 2008

So, has anyone seen the "Cheesus" that this woman found in her Cheetos bag? It's silly, I know. It goes right along with the grilled cheese with Mary on it and the pretzel. Remember the pretzel?! That was a good one. This lady doesn't plan on selling her find on ebay or anything. She put it in a box for safe keeping. It should probably keep pretty well(with all the preservatives!)

How long do you think my french fries will keep in a box? Or should I try to get a million bucks for them? These two french fries have been sitting on my kitchen window sill for at least three weeks now. We found these fries in this position right out of the McDs bag. The horizontal fry is passing directly through the center of the vertical fry. Of course, making it look like a cross. The kids had alot of fun with it and tried to get me to list it on ebay. I'm not that bold. It sure is funny, though.

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