Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Latest Shenanigans

It's been a busy couple of weeks!!
Basketball Camp

Jaret went to Basketball camp for 4 nights at the high school...
This is our youth pastor, Bruce (Coach Bruce this week!) and Jaret.
Sure does look pretty!
Civil AirPatrol
Daniel has been attending CAP for a few weeks. He was invited by some friends and he seems to be enjoying himself so far. For those of you who aren't sure what CAP is, check out this awesome video: Civil Air Patrol
The meetings are held next to the Sheriff's Aviation Unit and on this day, the kids had the opportunity to check out one of the county's VERY special and VERY expensive helicopters.

This was during an open house for anyone to come check out CAP. The kids did a few fun projects and learned about how airplane wings work.

A couple of the cadets.
Piano Recital

Daniel and Jaret payed 3 pieces each and did a wonderful job!

All the students at the recital...a great bunch of kids!
VBS-Vacation Bible School

Jaret and Ethan had a great time. The theme was Hawaii this time!

A full, fun week! Daniel was one of the youth helpers for the week.

Praise Band

Daniel was invited to join a bunch of kids from church to form a new band! They needed a bass player...he also plays drums! Too talented like his father.
A little fuzzy...Daniel's on the left. The band will play for the first time at youth group Wednedsay night!Well, that's about it. We're getting ready to head to Miami for the 4th of July! I still have one lone survivor friend on Key Biscayne! Hi Kate! See you soon!

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